CNC Punching Machine


CNC Punching machine

The COMPACT punching machine from Boschert is the perfect machine for the first-time user of CNC punching technology.

Advantages:User-friendly graphic programming, high quality with low cost, small floor space requirements.

Extremely flexible:Heavy-duty C-frame construction allows working of oversized sheets, by using turning and automatic repositioning function.

The COMPACT from Boschert represents over 50 years experience in building high quality sheet metal machinery.

Multi Punching Machine


Multipunch Punching machine

With the experience of more than 3000 delivered punching machines all over the world and the supplement of the new tool changer represent the Multipunch 1250 x 2500 CNC Z an universal and flexible punching machine for overcoming the different functions of sheet metal forming: accuracy punching, nibbling, forming.

The size of the sheet panels can have the dimension of 1250 x 2500mm and depending on the material for 4 mm stainless steel 6 mm mild steel or 8 mm aluminium. Due to the stepless adjustment of the clamps may the sheet panels or pre-cut parts of all sizes be clamped, fixed and carried at discretion.

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